Sippin’ Lemonade- Lessons from Pageants

Sippin’ Lemonade- Lessons from Pageants.

Last year I competed in a local pageant for the Miss America Organization. I did not get as far as the lovely Claire. However, I did give up so much of my time, and so many experiences. Without realizing I even gave up MYSELF because I wanted the opportunity that badly. This is incredibly relatable, and although it hurts to know someone has felt relatively similar to how I felt that night I can’t help but feel a sigh of relief. I will applaud my fellow pageant ladies, and together I believe we could make an impeccable difference. I thank the Miss America Organization, but I also thank God for the plans He had, and continues to map out for me. Sometimes our visions aren’t fulfilled, but it’s important to remember that the world is a big place with many adventures, and if you let yourself you may be redirected on an amazing journey. 😉🌷