Small thoughts today 🌷


Today I’ve decided to appreciate the 90’s throwbacks playing on the local radio station, and whichever neighbor of mine placed photos of Duck Dynasty members heads’ on the trees lining my road. Today I appreciate natures beauty, (mostly because the local lake is my safe haven) and everyday I will strive to love other people as God loves us. It baffles me how often I let my mood linger into irritation without even realizing it. I ignore so many small blessings that it takes over my entire being; I’m choosing to pause this negativity to acknowledge our Savior who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. I could walk in negativity, and continually ignore what a beautiful blessing I’m living, or I could spread the word of our Lord, as well as show love and compassion towards those around us. After all we do love because He first loved us. 

Open your eyes to the small things today, and have a blessed Easter.