Simple at 19. 

This evening I’m sitting on my Nanny’s couch, and I can’t help but think that my life is so unorganized. Most of my life I’ve needed to have everything planned, or lined out. Lately however I can’t decide my career path, and I feel as though I’m working a part time job for money that is already promised before I even receive my paycheck. I vent these things, and then I think “Well Kaitlin, at least you have a job. At least you have a wonderful man, a fantastic family, and supportive friends. At least you have the opportunity to go to school.” Once I remind myself of these blessings I’m overwhelmed with joy. I’m thankful, and I’m knocked back with the fact that I’m only 19. I’m a human being, and a child of God. My Savior has a purpose for me, and as long as I have the faith to follow in His grace who really needs plans, or organization? I do pray to be successful in supporting my family, but this life is only temporary. My point is the simple spurts of thankfulness really place His glory into perspective. It’s the simple things, my friends. Relax, pray, praise. 😉🌞🌷

iii. Gut Feelings

Loved this read! Hope you all do too. xoxo

The Love List

Oh gut feelings. How you torment me so!

From which career path to take, to whom to marry, I’m the kind of person that relies quite heavily on my gut. People say it all the time; “listen to your heart”, “trust your gut and you can’t go far wrong”, and my personal dreaded favourite, “when you know, you just know”.

What is this ‘gut feeling’, and why do we offer each other advice so readily to listen to it, and especially to rely on it as some kind of psychic guide when it comes to making major life decisions? Can you ever ‘just know’, really?

When I got engaged to HF, my gut went on overdrive: “this is wrong” it told me, constantly, to the point of making me physically ill. If you’re going to make a decision as monumentous as getting married, that is the right time to…

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